What is Language laboratory?

Role of Language Laboratory in Acquisition of Language Skills. Language laboratory is a place in the school/institution which provides additional facility to learn and practice different skills of English language using technology.

Language laboratory

Language lab helps in learning the standard pronunciation of language items such as vowels, consonants, speech, etc. In recent time, language lab has become a popular tool for personality development which isequipped with modern audio-visual recording device, ICT and other electronic media related instruments.

Benefits of Language Lab. :-

  • Language lab promotes enthusiasm and motivation among learners to learn new language
  • Language lab helps in making an interactive environment
  • It provides equal opportunity for learning to all
  • It gives opportunity to listen to authentic and standard pronunciation
  • It also helps in recording and listening to one’s own voice which is very helpful in improving communication
  • It limits the scope of miscommunication and transmission loss


Language laboratory is the most result oriented supplement in schools/institutions for the knowledge and practice of standard sound and language pronunciation. The recording and feedback mechanism in language laboratory is the point of attraction among teachers and learners of English language.

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