Herbertian’s Lesson Plan

what is Herbertian’s Lesson Plan, Herbertian’s Lesson Plan

Lesson Planning –

Herbertian Steps versus Constructivist Approach
The lesson plan is the teacher’s detailed description of instruction for the lesson. It is prepared by the teacher to guide class learning. Preparation of lesson plan depends on the subject, needs of the learners, their mental and chronological age etc. It helps to organize the content in an organized manner to achieve intended learning outcomes.

German Educator Johann Friedrich Herbert (1776-1841) gave his ideas on teaching and instruction which is known as Herbertianism. He has presented five steps of Instruction.
Herbertian Steps of Lesson Plan

  1. Preparation It is the stage where the new material or content learnt will be related to past to motivate and establish connection with past experiences of the learners
  2. Presentation It is the way of presenting the concepts following various methods, techniques and strategies.
  3. Association Through assimilation of new ideas association or link is developed in learning.
  4. Generalization Leading mind beyond the level of perception and concrete
  5. Application Using acquired knowledge in a utilitarian way.

The Steps for Teaching of Prose :-

  • Motivation/Testing previous knowledge
  • Declaration of the topic/announcement of the topic
  • Teaching vocabulary
  • Teaching structure
  • Teaching Grammar items (synonyms, antonyms, idioms, phrases)
  • Dividing the text into smaller units
  • Model reading by the teacher
  • Second reading by the teacher
  • Explaining the content(setting, character, themes, plot, style)
  • Loud reading by the learners
  • Silent reading by the learners
  • Testing comprehension through questioning
  • Recapitulation
  • Home assignment

What is Home work?

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